Enter Your Address

Curious how this all works? Let us give you a simple run down:

On the Internet

  1. You get hungry, but for some reason (stuck at work, can't leave the kids, or trapped under something heavy), you can't get away. 
  2. Get to your computer and type http://www.FoodPrecinct.com in your friendly Internet browser.
  3. Put in your address and zip code, then click on Find Me Food!
  4. The next page shows you all of the restaurants available, and allows you to search by type of food, or even a specific item! 
  5. Select a restaurant and just click an item that sounds yummy - make sure you select any options, and you'll see the total to the right.
  6. Click checkout, enter your credit card info, and off your order goes! You will receive a confirmation email to show you we got it.
  7. Greet the friendly Food Precinct Appetite Agent when they arrive! (They're the professionals with the fancy, black uniforms with our logo, and the nice smile!)
  8. Enjoy your meal!